Thursday, 23 February 2017

herrmanns brain card etc

For hub yesterday morning we had to choose 8 herrmanns their was strategic, organized, relateable and imaginative types and different personality traits and those  personality cards try best describe us,  make a pie chart showing the percentages I was 37.5% strategic, 25% relateable, and 37.5% organised and 0% imaginative (but all of them were taken) and 3 and today we had to talk to a partner about that.

My partner was Tessa a new hub (basically a form class) member and we talked about how we could improve on each i said i could well be more organized,. I could try a bit harder in class so i learn more which could help me with knowing more information which would help me with strategies, i could be more imaginative  by choosing classes with room for personification and i could be more relatable by socializing a bit more and trying to find similarity in different types of people.

I think I use organizing in school when everyone else is mucking around and i'm doing /preparing for or finishing work. when ever we get put to a hub task or a sport i strategies, and organize by trying to organize and give tip to others. i relate to other in hub time, most classes and lunch as i talk to them and we mostly have a good time. I am imaginative by contributing new and unique ideas and try to find new view points.

Another task we did that week was making a Haiku about something we would like to improve on. Mine was

like a good player
I want to make the top team
Because football cool

I changed it last minute and the last lie isn't proper English but the deadline was too near too come up with ideas.

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