Tuesday, 15 August 2017

teenage brain

today in hub i read 3 articles on teenagers and about how they stated that teenagers make quick and irrational decisions. this article stated that they did this because there frontal cortex is under developed as i vital to rational decision making.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

depresion test

in hub today we did a depression test and I am at lower risk then the average person. this is a good thing because you wanna stay out of the depression circle.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

what the 16 personality tests says about me

in hub last week we did a personality test to help see what attributes i had and needed to develop to achieve my goals. for the personality test I got the personality of campaigner or 
E ( extroverted )
N ( Intuitive )
F ( Feeling )
P ( prospecting )

Strengths                              weaknesses
Curious                                 practical skills
Observant                             difficult to focus
Energetic                              overthinking things
enthusiastic                           get stressed easily
Excellent communication      highly emotional
Know how to relax                independent to a fault
Popular and friendly           

Sunday, 7 May 2017

report reaction

i was happy that is was at and above stranded for all classes but in some  recon I should of either worked harder or gotten better grades.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

hub task personal exelence

Finish off these sentences:

  • One idea in this article was that personal excellence is better than excellence.
  • This article made me think about how i could improve and adapt my learning
  • This helped me to understand that personal excellence can help me strive to succeed and keep happy with my work.
  • I will be able to use the idea that I should always try 100% in everything and compare myself to only myself in my career because it will help me succeed and strive to the top
  • An example of someone I know who does this is Ethan and what they do is always try 100% and strive to beat you last score.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

herrmanns brain card etc

For hub yesterday morning we had to choose 8 herrmanns their was strategic, organized, relateable and imaginative types and different personality traits and those  personality cards try best describe us,  make a pie chart showing the percentages I was 37.5% strategic, 25% relateable, and 37.5% organised and 0% imaginative (but all of them were taken) and 3 and today we had to talk to a partner about that.

My partner was Tessa a new hub (basically a form class) member and we talked about how we could improve on each i said i could well be more organized,. I could try a bit harder in class so i learn more which could help me with knowing more information which would help me with strategies, i could be more imaginative  by choosing classes with room for personification and i could be more relatable by socializing a bit more and trying to find similarity in different types of people.

I think I use organizing in school when everyone else is mucking around and i'm doing /preparing for or finishing work. when ever we get put to a hub task or a sport i strategies, and organize by trying to organize and give tip to others. i relate to other in hub time, most classes and lunch as i talk to them and we mostly have a good time. I am imaginative by contributing new and unique ideas and try to find new view points.

Another task we did that week was making a Haiku about something we would like to improve on. Mine was

like a good player
I want to make the top team
Because football cool

I changed it last minute and the last lie isn't proper English but the deadline was too near too come up with ideas.

what does resourceful mean

resourceful means to use all the resources and equipment around you to your advantage.

resourcefulness can be useful when your doing a tough activity or when friends or yourself forget equipment like a device and have to use another computer from the library or as a last resort using you phone