Thursday, 23 February 2017

herrmanns brain card etc

For hub yesterday morning we had to choose 8 herrmanns their was strategic, organized, relateable and imaginative types and different personality traits and those  personality cards try best describe us,  make a pie chart showing the percentages I was 37.5% strategic, 25% relateable, and 37.5% organised and 0% imaginative (but all of them were taken) and 3 and today we had to talk to a partner about that.

My partner was Tessa a new hub (basically a form class) member and we talked about how we could improve on each i said i could well be more organized,. I could try a bit harder in class so i learn more which could help me with knowing more information which would help me with strategies, i could be more imaginative  by choosing classes with room for personification and i could be more relatable by socializing a bit more and trying to find similarity in different types of people.

I think I use organizing in school when everyone else is mucking around and i'm doing /preparing for or finishing work. when ever we get put to a hub task or a sport i strategies, and organize by trying to organize and give tip to others. i relate to other in hub time, most classes and lunch as i talk to them and we mostly have a good time. I am imaginative by contributing new and unique ideas and try to find new view points.

Another task we did that week was making a Haiku about something we would like to improve on. Mine was

like a good player
I want to make the top team
Because football cool

I changed it last minute and the last lie isn't proper English but the deadline was too near too come up with ideas.

what does resourceful mean

resourceful means to use all the resources and equipment around you to your advantage.

resourcefulness can be useful when your doing a tough activity or when friends or yourself forget equipment like a device and have to use another computer from the library or as a last resort using you phone

Hub Task

What have i thrown away and what could i have done with it?

yuck savory Muffins, i could have given them to my chickens or some other people even though they would probably throw them away.

scrunched up used paper. I could have used the paper to help light/keep a fire going, used it as paper mashae,

Sunday, 6 November 2016

mountain biking

Last Wednesday most of my hub and i went to wood hill for a mountain biking trip.

before we started the ride we had to get given bikes and helmets as we did not bring our own.
we practiced on a small probably 200 meter course to try out the bike, (it was nice not to have a rusty chain and broken gears.)
we started off on a reasonably easy course called the family track which was enjoyable but not extreme.

We then biked up a mount Everest almost falling over roots and crashing into others.

but this next course was our match we zigzagged down the hill side trying to doge roots and other obstacles, almost hitting the occasional tree.  But then we had to face the big mamma hill the UNDIES trail this hill made me and my bike shake. i went down the hill, my bike shaking from all the roots and speed then a corner appeared so my back brakes were squeezing then i started to skid as my face turn to horror as i kept sliding up the barrier until my back wheel  spun to far and i jump off the bike and leave it to tip. i get back on ad try to gain speed.
At the end of the track there was a ramp that we got to try to do. Most people did it even if it was a bit scary.

Back to school.

this was resilient because when there was a big uphill or a steep down hill you had to cope and try to get to the other side and Finnish knowing yo tried your best and challenged yourself.


Resilient is not giving up, its staying strong when the going gets tough, its being able to get up from failure and keep trying until you succeed.

I think that I am quite resilient in most of my classes but i feel to be resilient you have to enjoy it.
Out of school i am pretty resilient because i enjoy most of the stuff i do which makes me fight for it.
I think there is a difference because since out of school i get to choose what i do i enjoy it more and that makes me want to try harder.

what skills, techniques might help with your resilient.  trying more ways to get boring stuff fun

Thursday, 15 September 2016


for a hub task we have to answer the questions below

Contributve is being involved, staying on task, contributing, being a part of it, everyone working as a unit together.

How was the fundraiser contributive?
our hub was contributive by all getting involved and everyone had a job that they had to follow through on the day and organize as a team to make everything work. We contributed to her live hopeful making her life happier and give our school a better name by helping a member of the community.

How was Mondays activities contributive ?
Because we had to work as a team and keep concentrated to succeed and plan.

Why is contributive important?
because you need to learn hoe to work as a team and stay on task and not just stand back and let everything go past without you.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

my new goals

i have desided to change my goals.
My academic goal is still being chosen and my habits goal is being more purposeful with my learning.